Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Double Trouble.


Not only does the Church get the blame for suppressing sex but the sex abuse scandals double the blame causing people to reject the Church as an evil institution.

This is reinforced by Fundamentalist homophobia and hate.

So the Church is far from people's hearts and minds.

It is bankrupt literally and spiritually in the minds of the public.

No one wants it.

"Don't they need God?"  You ask.

They may, but if they do they don't look for Him in the Church, they seek God in meditation, tarot cards, mythology, goddess worship, even witchcraft.....

Unfortunately these individual attempts are prone to interference from the dark forces around us in society.

They are doomed to failure.

So don't think that the Church is well thought of by society.

It is not.

And God is not there.

Photo Credit: Leandro Fridman via Compfight cc

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