Sunday, 25 June 2017



Once you are on the spiritual path you will find that there are many side-tracks.

People will tempt you, even try to force you, onto one of these side-tracks.

They will try to win.

These side-tracks include:
moralism, legalism, right beliefs, Biblical inerrancy, End-Times theology, Spiritual Warfare, traditionalism, and churchianity.....

People can spend the whole of their lives on one of these side-tracks.

Usually they are inspired by fear.
Fear of punishment, fear of damnation and hell.

But if you stay on the path of Love you will know that God does not punish us so there can be no hell.

Simply ask yourself, "What does my heart say?"

And you will be Home.

Photo Credit: Claude-Yolande via Compfight cc

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