Saturday, 18 March 2017



The biggest problem in our world is dehumanization.

Too many people are not seen as human beings in the way that we see ourselves.

Employees are seen as work units.

The poor and those on welfare are seen as self-destructive or criminal - drug addicts or dole-cheats.

Sex-workers are not people but objects

Gays and lesbians are evil sinners or sex maniacs.

People with mental illness are less than human.

Refugees are inhuman terrorists or dangerous fanatics.

In short anyone whom we suspect might make demands on us is dehumanized and blamed.  Some are even scapegoated.

The media feeds us these images and we comply without thinking.

But the truth is that each of these people is a human being just like us.

And the essence of spirituality is to see the other as an equal human being.

Photo Credit: Mobilephotos@heidenstrom via Compfight cc

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