Friday, 20 February 2015

No Rock Music.

The New Paradigm is emerging in the consciousness of humanity now.

The lead is being taken by Progressive Christians who are rejecting negative, traditional doctrines and adopting new, positive positions.

There is much agreement between Progressive Christians and those who call themselves Spiritual but not Religions.

Unfortunately at present both these demographics accept rock music.
Some hark back to the 1960s and others endorse contemporary rock music.

But rock music has a dark and insidious secret.

Since the 1960s rock musicians have practiced black magic and Satanism in their music and videos.  Pacts with the devil and the religion of death have poisoned their creativity.

Sin, wickedness, filth, backtracking, darkness, and hell-fire all appear in their songs.  And they are always ready with an alternative explanation.

People take things at face value.
Poison and sabotage are hidden beneath.

So there is only one answer.

No rock music.  

Photo Credit: Libertinus via Compfight cc


  1. While there may be some types of rock music that plays to that type of rebellion, there are many types of rock music. I can't imagine soft rock artists like Jim Croce or Cat Stevens are secret devil worshipers. You are attacking an entire genre of music. I always thought that ridiculous. I remember to "don't sell your soul to the Devil to be a rock star" campaign, and it was mostly ridiculous. I still enjoy rock music, and much of it is positive and spiritual.

  2. You might be surprised.
    I used to be a fan but now I'm not.
    And no I'm not a fundamentalist.

  3. I'm a gay liberal.
    I'm a Progressive Christian.
    And I don't believe in Satan.