Thursday, 17 July 2014


The universe began as forces and energies.
These interacted in swirling galaxies and stars.
And gradually condensed into solar systems and planets.

These planets gave birth to life.
And life gave birth to consciousness and intelligence and imagination.

When we are born we are given the gift of life.

God is traditionally thought of as the author of life.
The breath (nephesh), the wind (ruach) is breathed into Adam to give him life.

We can thank God for this gift of life.

It is not God's will that we should suffer.

We suffer because of the impersonal actions of nature or the ignorant actions of human beings.

But we are never alone.
We are always in relationship to the whole of humanity and the whole of nature.
Everything is interconnected.

Even our thoughts are influenced by the collective unconscious.

God is all of this - energies, forces, life, intelligence, imagination, love and more.....

These are gifts.

And we can give thanks to God for that.

Photo Credit: Kuzeytac via Compfight cc

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