Sunday, 14 July 2013

Open the Gates.

Whenever the issue of gay marriage  comes up in the media we are confronted by Christians saying that God does not accept homosexuality and that gay people are not welcome in the Church unless they repress or change their sexuality.

This is a blanket position.
You never hear otherwise.

But I am an openly gay member of the Uniting Church in Australia.
I enjoy full membership and serve on the Church Council.
I also receive communion and partake of Jesus' covenant with God.

I worry, however, about others, especially young people, who have never heard this message:  God accepts and loves you as you are - sexually active same-sex-attracted people.

There is nothing wrong with gay sex.

It is only a problem in the minds of Christians who persecute and torture innocent gay people.

I hope and pray that gays and lesbians hear the truth.

God loves you as you are and the Gates of Heaven are open.

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