Saturday, 13 July 2013


Have you ever wondered why nothing seems to work as it should?

That relationship that didn't blossom.
That new found independence that led to isolation.
That ideal job that went wrong.
That friendship that didn't last.
Those meditations that went awry.
Those drugs that led to mental illness.

There is a reason for them all.
It is the music and television and movies that we listen to and watch.

There is a secret.
And that secret is Satanism.
Rock musicians, T.V. and movie stars and directors, sportsmen and women sell their souls to the devil and push dark arts upon us.

They poison all our attempts to relate and sabotage the spiritual quest.
With the result that nothing works as it should.

Give up rock music and T.V. (including sports) and pray to God for deliverance.
He will hear.
And deliver you from evil.

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